Mountain-Con III report

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As many of you know (since I saw you there), Mountain-Con III was held about a week ago (September 21-23) at the University Park Marriott in Salt Lake City. Major guests included Garrett Wang, Felix Silla, David Prowse, BarBara Luna, Femi Taylor, Cynthia Cummens, Chase Masterson, and Craig Richard Nelson (returning for his third appearance). 

Local guests included Diana Pharaoh Francis, Jake Black, Andrew Dabb (don't recal seeing him there, though), Paul Genesse, Ken Rand, Eric James Stone, Karen Anne Webb, Dan Willis,Tyler Kirkham, and Howard Tayler.

The convention was mostly on the first (lower) floor of the hotel, with the main convention rooms surrounding a central area with club tables and tables for various guests for signing and chatting with fans. All of the guests were very friendly toward the fans, and all but one were very open to fans taking photos of them and with them. 

Wang seemed to fit right into the fans, and could likely blend in without such a well known face. Silla enjoyed joking with people as well. Nelson even helped out with making announcements throughout the con.

Mountain-Con had their first Masquerade, which had 14 entries (pretty good for a first time!). Everyone seemed to be having fun, and their were some excellent costumes and acts. Charlie and Steve Harmon reprised their "Mirror, Mirror (Part II)" act, the perennially updated Borg was a favorite, and Dr. Frank-N-Furter even put in a crowd-pleasing (or shocking, perhaps) appearance.

KSL did a story about the con, and they were featured on a segment with Big Buddha on Fox 13. 

Looking forward to next year. I'll be posting some pictures later.


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