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Posted on behalf of Paul Genesse

Announcing the release of the Writers' Symposium Ezine!

Each issue is dedicated to "Helping Writers Write," and will be
released quarterly via email, or it can be viewed on the web at
www.paulgenesse.com/WritersSymposium. Each issue will feature
articles, tips, and resources that will help you improve your writing,
or let you know about good books.

Sign up by sending email to:

The Writers' Symposium is made up of twenty professional writers, game
designers, and editors listed at the end of the issue. Combined we
have sold several dozen books and short stories to major publishers,
primarily in the fantasy and science fiction genre.

The Writers' Symposium has its origins back in the 1990's when it was
founded by editor and author Jean Rabe--famous for her Dragonlance
novels. She started giving seminars on writing at the Gen Con Game
Fair in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Gen Con has moved to Indianapolis,
Indiana, but Jean and her crew are still there.

Many writers have helped her present the panels over the years and the
seminars are almost always packed with people who want to learn more
about writing. I was one of those writers who wanted to break in. By
following Jean's advice I've sold eight short stories and my first
novel is coming out in hardcover in April of 2008. This first issue is
dedicated to Jean, a fantastic person and a great writer.

The first is made up of articles titled:

From the Editor
Feature Article: Creating Characters and a link to an online article
Bio on Jean Rabe--The Founder of the Writers' Symposium
Feature Article: Writers' Groups by Don Bingle
List of Current Writers' Symposium Members & Contact Info
Final Thought and link to the Writers' Symposium Blog

Paul Genesse,
Coordinating Editor of the Writers' Symposium Ezine

Website: http://www.paulgenesse.com/
Blog: http://paulgenesse.blogspot.com/

Author of The Golden Cord
Book One of the Iron Dragon Series
(Five Star Books, April 2008)


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