Bibliography is probably incomplete. If you came across another title or work of Alexander Key or if you have a different dustjacket or book cover, please send it to me so that I can add it to the list. Thanks! - Merrimous

Children's Books

Bolts: A Robot Dog

The Case of the Vanishing Boy

Escape to Witch Mountain

Flight to the Lonesome Place

The Forgotten Door

The Golden Enemy

The Incredible Tide

Jagger: The Dog From Elsewhere

The Magic Meadow

Mystery of the Sassafras Chair

The Preposterous Adventures of Swimmer

Return From Witch Mountain

Rivets and Sprockets

Sprockets: A Little Robot

The Sword of Aradel

Misc./Adult Books

Cherokee Boy

Island Light

Island of Escape, Harlequin #237, 1953

Liberty or Death, 1936
(Front page scan sent in by Christy G.)

The Real Princess, 1928
(Scan sent in by Christy G.)

The Red Eagle: A Tale for Young Aviators

The Strange White Doves: True Mysteries of Nature

Wrath and the Wind
(Scan sent in by Marc Fountain)

Short Stories

This list is incomplete. I also have not read all these yet nor have I found copies. If you know of other short stories titles to add to this list, please feel free to drop me a line! You may read some of these stories at Stormy's site.*

Black Bayou - Argosy: 2 Dec 1939
Breeze O'wind - The Saturday Evening Post: 30 Aug 1941
The Brothers Romano - Argosy: 29 Aug 38
Death Certificate - Argosy: 14 Nov 1936
The Devil's Jaw - Argosy: 13 Aug 1938
The Diamond Pit - Argosy: 1 Aug 1936
Fortune Has Horns - Argosy: 17 Jul1937
Luck on the Lady Bird - Argosy: 25 Mar 1939
Red Snapper - Saturday Evening Post: 22 Jul 1939
Saltwater Scramble - Agrosy: 26 Aug 1939
Six Heads in Pawn - June Times, 1993
They'll Never Get Me - Saturday Evening Post: 4 Sep 1948
Whip for the Colonel - Arogsy vol. 278 - 25 Dec 1937

Honey an' Hoecake - Saturday Evening Post: 15 May 1943
Revolving Monsters - Saturday Evening Post: 6 Sept 1941 (article about hurricanes)
Strange City of Spirits - American Mercury: Feb 1958
The Swamps Go To War - Saturday Evening Post: 10 Oct 1942
Treasure on the Ocean Floor - Saturday Evening Post: 20 Jun 1942
The Way of the Hushpuppy - Saturday Evening Post: Unknown

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Miscellaneous Magazines from fictionmags

**Disclaimer: Stormy and I have talked about the posting of Alexander Key's books or linking to sites that has his stories available. I am two heads about. I don't want to upset Mr. Key's legal heirs but then, most of his stuff is out of print and very, very hard to those people who are looking to read his works have to spend a lot of money to get his books. I am not sure if there is a Key estate to ask for permission to use it. I've talked to Beau about it and he told Mr. Key's cousin Annette is happy to keep his works alive. So I decided a compromise. I will link to websites that has Mr. Key's works (as long as they are out of print) but if I hear from Mr. Key's estate, I will take them down.