alexander key
Picture scanned and submitted by Marc F.
From the back cover of Wrath and the Wind

Hi! Welcome to the Thru the Forgotten Door: Into Alexander Key's Magical Worlds website. This is an unofficial fanpage devoted to my favorite children's author Alexander Key. You may be wondering to yourself, "Who in the world is Alexander Key?"

May be you are like me and read his book The Forgotten Door in an elementary literature book in school. Or perhaps you watched the live action film Escape to Witch Mountain by Disney and found out the movie was based on book of the same title. Or you could be a fan of the Japanese anime Future Boy Conan and were wondering about The Incredible Tide, the book that the anime was based on.

Well, welcome to my fanpage! And if you are a fellow kindred spirit whose soul has been touched by his magical worlds, I would love to hear from you. If you find something to add, corrections, comments, suggestions, reviews about his books, information about his artwork, or essays about his works, please feel free to email them to me! I would be happy to happy to post them up on this website.

And for those who are interested, I have started up a Yahoo group for Alexander Key. If you are interested, please email me and I will send you a invitation to join. I don't think it will be too busy or too large of a group. So if you want to meet fellow Alexander Key spirits, please join!


P.S. - A while back, I suffered a major computer crash and I lost most of my emails from this website. If I had been corresponding to you through email and you never heard back from me, this is why. Please accept my apologies and email me again.
Thanks! - Merrimous

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